Vote for the King and Queen of Mardi Gras Tucson!

Check out the following nominations and then cast your vote for both a KING and a QUEEN of the Inaugural Tucson Mardi Gras Event!

KING Nominees

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Nick works for TFD He is a captain and works with arson investigations and the fire marshall. He and his wife, Caroline, worked tirelessly for three years for the firefighters annual chili cook-off and organized many fundraisers. He also teaches chemistry and hazmat throughout AZ


I’m nominating my dad for the King nomination. My dad served 20 years in the Air Force and after retiring from the military, he worked for the Department of Justice as an Investigator. He was raised in New Orleans and has even patrolled Bourbon street while working as a Military Police Officer in conjunction with New Orleans Police Department. My dad LOVES Po Boys, red beans and rice, pralines, and anything else “New Orleans”. My dad would be Ecstatic to be named the King for the event. He served all of his working life to the Public and I want to see him honored cause he sacrificed so much to give to the public. My dad would represent this Event perfectly as he is everything great about a New Orleans native!

Such a hard worker never takes time for himself

Great friend and neighbor. Garon is always ready to help and he knows how to party. He has some dance moves!

I am honored to nominate Ethan Snapp as our first ever King for the Krewe de Tucson, as there is no better individual I can epitomize as a heart of gold with a soul for service. From a young age, Ethan was known simply as the neighborhood charm who often shoveled snow off his neighbors’ lawns in addition to shoveling his own. During the snowless summer months, he took his kindness to the local church, volunteering up to 40 hours a week in Bible Study leadership and grounds keeping labor for the community and its members. After many years and a move to Tucson, Ethan found a love for this desert home and progressed to dedicate his life to others. Earlier this year, in fact, it was revealed that a local religious cult had discretely re established themselves on the University of Arizona campus, infiltrating the residence halls. Ethan immediately jumped into action and spent his subsequent months fighting alongside University staff to rid the organization’s parasitic roots. Ethan saved hundreds of unassuming students by confronting cult leaders and supporting residents who had already been influenced by their contact. This was a monstrous effort driven by a passion for people. In every action taken, he has cared for and defended the wellbeing of our student community with no need or force for his efforts. Frequently performing in not-for-profit musical groups around Tucson and leading social programs and workshops for the youth of the same, Ethan Snapp was interviewed in his local newspaper about his service: “…making any sort of difference starts by loving others. I strive to be passionate about people and build them up… Hopefully, I can be a part of changing a few things in these shifting times.” With such an inspiring and extensive life of providing to others before himself, I can guarantee that serving Ethan Snapp as our first ever King would be a profound representation of all that we, as a community, strive to accomplish each and every day.

Matt is a firefighter and co-creator of Sentinel Peak Brewing Co.!  He is an all around awesome person and his career choice displays his service to others!  He would be an awesome King of Mardi Gras Tucson because he was instrumental in creating the Brewery that helped launch this event!

QUEEN Nominees

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Caroline has been instrumental in organizing the TFD Chili Cook-off, the charity ball and many other events to help raise funds for our firefighters. Her support of Nick and all of his various jobs in his career with TFD is awesome

She Is Wonderful Inside n Out Definitely puts others before herself, and a Great Team player. Can be quite Eccentric at times.

Full time mother never stops taking care of everyone but herself

She is from NO came here after Catrina and I never met someone who loved there home and where they came from so much no one knows this festival better

She is a kind and giving woman

Lora is the most giving person I know, she is always there to lend a helping hand, she is generous and we call her the de-facto mayor of the Vail Community.

Brenitra is so sacrificial. When she sees a need, she is usually the first to step up and say she will help. We have been married a little over a year and with my daughter who is very sick with an aggresive form of Lupus, she dedicated time and energy learning about the disease, increasing her insurance at work and providing her with coverage. It was very timely, because my daughter went into the ER a few days after the coverage started and she was there over a month in a half with medical cost reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. From Arizona she would call the hospitals in Houston every day advocating for my daughters health. She sacrificed time at work, money, and her own health to ensure that my daughter was taken care of.

In every action of her quotidian life, Abigail Gookin strives to dedicate her time and service to those in her community and beyond. Serving as a captain of Relay for Life for nearly 7 years, she has volunteered her time working with high school students to raise nearly $10,000 for the American Cancer Society and associated research. To reflect this passion for cancer research in the Tucson community, she has personally developed a hobby of donating her hair to children with chemotheraputic hair loss- in the last decade, alone, Abigail has donated over 9 feet of hair for rehabilitation wigs. She weekly works with Tucson youth to collect food for the UofA community food pantry and, for many years, has played cello and performed for retirement homes and hospice centers. Most recently, she has accepted a volunteer position working with young adults at the University of Arizona Honors Village as part of the Residence Hall Association. Nearly 15 hours of her working week is dedicated to hosting workshops and social events as a mentor for the 1,000+ residents housed in the new academic complex. To help adjust the new generation into their collegiate lives, Abigail has additionally volunteered to be on the Board of Directors of the same organization, expanding her mentorship to a population of 7,000+ University of Arizona residents. She never passes by a piece of litter without stopping to properly clean the landscape, nor passes by a poverty-stricken area without donating her spare change and food. Her unoccupied weekends consist of packing at food banks to be delivered overseas and assisting elementary school teachers with secretarial duties in the classroom. Perhaps most notably, however, is her somewhat comedic tale of moving a family of 400lbs African Desert tortoises into repurposed shelters in subfreezing temperatures. During the last holiday season, Arizona’s Zaharis Elementary school was taken aback when midnight temperatures suddenly dropped to below freezing, leaving the school’s tortoise sanctuary exposed and in danger. Rushing to serve her community well, Abigail left her home for the night to purchase heating lamps, and spent the remainder of the early morning hours carefully relocating the large desert tortoises into warmer homes to ensure their survival. This singular note of her unyielding desire to volunteer and serve her neighborhood, no matter the cost, represents a lifetime of the same dedication. Humble in nature with a devout compassion for people, Abigail Gookin radiates her love of the Tucson sun, and everyone it shines down upon. In word and in action, she consistently seeks out new opportunities to service her community and inspires each person she meets- her influence and zeal for volunteerism is undoubtedly a feature we should be honored to represent in our selection of Queen for our first ever Krewe de Tucson! The passion she carries in every step motivates our presiding generations, and most certainly leads our upcoming generation of service-driven individuals, making Abigail Gookin the exemplary option for this year’s Queen.

Their organization StrangersWeKnow works directly with TPD for officers and Tucson’s children.


I am nominating Jerrad because of her tireless efforts to help teenagers aging out of foster care with baskets of household goods, such as towels, sheets, pots and pans, small appliances and gift cards to help them get started, partnering with TPD to help children being removed from their homes because of neglect and or violence providing backpacks, blankets, toiletries, gift cards and activities and providing blankets, rain ponchos, toiletries, gloves and socks to the homeless. All this is done through her non-profit “STRANGERSWEKNOW. org”

Tyanie is a Paramedic and high up at AMR.  She is someone who loves others and shows compassion to everyone.  She is married to Matt Gordon, co-creator of Sentinel Peak Brewery and firefighter, and like him her career choice is an excellent example of her willingness to give back to her community!  She would be a great Queen of Mardi Gras Tucson!